Autumn is your guide to simplifying future planning into small steps

About Autumn

Autumn is the inspired vision of a team driven by the passion to improve your quality of life.
We want to empower you to start planning for a better future so that you can live your best life today.
When you are on top of your finances and health, life is good.
That’s why we’ve developed a unique digital solution that integrates your wealth with wellness
so you have the tools you need to take control of your future while managing existing demands.

Our Purpose

We want to empower you to be future fit so that you can embrace today.

Our Values

We are guided by firm principles:


We believe in authenticity and we strive to provide an objective and unbiased point of view.


We are committed to empowering our users to achieve their goals in finance, health and lifestyle.


As every user is unique, we are attentive and empathetic to each individual’s needs.


We are adaptive and respond to the world as it changes and affects our customers.

Our Commitment to You

Backed by a Global Financial Institution, Standard Chartered Bank, we maintain bank-level
security measures to protect your financial and health information. From powerful
encryption to identity verification, we use recognised methodologies such as ISO 27001 & CIS 20 to secure your data.