The Autumn Story

Autumn was created out of the belief that everyone deserves to retire well. Disillusioned with traditional banking, biased financial planners, and ineffective money management tools, we dedicated ourselves to creating a solution that would empower users to become retirement ready. A place where you can see your banking, investments, property and CPF in one easy location.

But enabling people to manage their finances was not enough. A successful retirement means achieving wellness in more than just your money.

So we decided to create an integrated digital wealth and health platform. Through Autumn, you receive insights, coaching, tailored options, contacts and results that improve your outcomes for later in life.

By planning your health and retirement now, you know where you’ll be in the future. Autumn makes that peace of mind possible by placing you in control. Our stress-free approach to retirement planning will not only change how you reach your life-goals, it changes what those goals can be. With Autumn, a more meaningful life awaits, in retirement.

Get started with Autumn and start planning for a better future.

Our Unique Selling Point

Autumn is an integrated wealth and wellness solution that easily helps you plan a healthier and more meaningful retirement, beyond financial planning.

Our Mission Statement

To help customers create their best retirement.

Our Vision

Making a healthy, wealthy and meaningful retirement accessible to more people.

Our goal is to transform attitudes towards retirement and empower people to be retirement ready. We harness the power of technology to integrate wellness with wealth management through digital solutions, making it easier for everyone to achieve their life goals.

Our Principles

We are guided by the following values.


We believe in authenticity and we strive to provide an objective and unbiased point of view.


We are committed to empowering our users to achieve their goals in finance, health and lifestyle.


As every user is unique, we are attentive and empathetic to each individual’s needs.


We are adaptive and respond to the world as it changes and affects our customers.

Meet The Founders

Autumn is a Singaporean founded Fintech start-up, offering an integrated wealth and health digital solution. Headquartered in Singapore, and backed by SC Ventures, the team is led by three founders with deep entrepreneur and banking experiences.

Mike Kruger

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Founder of Autumn

A deep tech entrepreneur, Mike's passion is using technology to meaningfully improve quality of life, health, and happiness at scale. Mike is a serial founder, having built tech and health start-ups in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore.

Natasha Benson

Chief Operating Office (COO)
Founder of Autumn

A successful corporate and investment banker who has founded a Singapore based wellness brand on Yoga, Pilates, and well-being seminars. Been awarded industry titles for Best Pilates and Yoga classes and nominated for ASEAN Best Yoga studio.

Francis Woo

Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Founder of Autumn

An experienced retail banker with an astute mind for identifying customers’ problems, Francis has a deep passion to empower people with financial literacy and health solutions so that they can create their best retirement.

Meet The Team

We are a group of humans with a shared goal.


Marketing and Partnerships Lead


CRO and Governance Lead


Tech Programme & Security Lead


Business Solutions Lead


Design Strategist


UX/UI Designer


UX Designer


Digital Marketer


Operations & Risk (Support & Administration)


Business Planning & Programme Manager


Lead Developer


Lead Developer


DevOps Lead


QA Developer


Senior Mobile Developer


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Asterio "Jun"

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Software QA