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Autumn Conversations: “Be The Author Of Your Life” by Yasmine Khater

Published by Autumn on June 30, 2021 What is at the heart of your motivation? As a kid with mixed heritage, I would hear comments of all the reasons why I was weird. As a result, I was so shy, bullied, and felt so misunderstood. I did not speak up and hated the idea of someone seeing me. Until one day in University, Sami who was part of the student union asked me to introduce myself. Instead, I kept stuttering, looked down, so embarrassed. He let me off the hook, and the remaining session, I felt so uncomfortable. He came up to

Autumn Conversations: “What Success Means to Me” by Divian Nair

Published by Autumn on June 17, 2021 Why Did You Decide On Your Choice of Career? I was always interested in creating content. I first discovered this from a hand me down Lego set my parents got me when I was 5. I would always build things that were elements to a larger story I would want to tell them about. I have always enjoyed the idea of bringing something into existence that can benefit the world in some way shape or form. After exploring and experiment with art and music in my teenage years, I found that

5 Ways To Be Happy From Within

"The Science of Happiness" by Health Promotion Board, 7 Dec 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg Scientists have been making immense developments in our understanding of the concept of happiness in recent years. Yet a lot of people still have trouble identifying and applying what can make them truly happy, and many more remain anxious, stressed, unsatisfied, or even depressed! How come? Why aren’t there more happy people? How to be happy? Science provides some clues on how to be happy and positive even in the face of challenges. Here are a few ways science allows you to better understand yourself so

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