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5 Money Habits You Need To Know If You Are Out Of Job Now

Published by Autumn on October 01, 2020 In this time of uncertainty, building good money habits is important to tide you through especially if your job has been disrupted. Here are 5 money habits you could develop. They are so simple but often overlooked! Tip 1: Plug your spending leaks and look for lost money Start by spring cleaning your finances to identify spending leaks. This can be as simple as going through your credit card statements to ensure you’re not paying for a service you don’t use anymore or that you’re not double-paying for a subscription. Could it

5 Must-Dos To Avoid Ever Outliving Your Financial Nest Egg

Published by Autumn on 4 February, 2021 Have you ever wondered if you have sufficient money to last your lifetime? Or the magic number seems so elusive? Thanks to healthcare advancement and access to quality medical care, the average life expectancy in Singapore has been increasing over the years. As of 2019, the average life expectancy at birth in Singapore was 83.6. While a longer expected lifespan is never bad news, it also comes with major implications for our retirement plans. After all, if you are living longer lives, it’s logical that you will need more in your

How To Start Investing With Zero Experience

Published by Autumn on November 16, 2020 Investment products have different features and risk characteristics. An important aspect of investing is understanding the product before you put your money in it. Some relevant questions you should ask, are: • What are the product’s benefits, risks, limitations and transaction costs? • Will the product complement, supplement or replace your existing investments? • Will the product be in line with your capacity to take on risk (risk appetite) and investment objective (returns)? • Will you become over exposed to a particular risk if your portfolio is not sufficiently diversified? Understanding the

6 Financial Tips To Ensure You Are The Last Sandwich Generation

Published by Autumn on September 29, 2020 There is a recent phenomenon known as the "Sandwich Generation", which refers to working adults who have to support both their parents and children. This in itself isn’t a unique situation, but economic challenges and shifting demographics have compounded the financial pressures for the current Sandwich Generation. Adequate retirement planning and budgeting are a must to ensure that you can take care of your own future and financial needs while continuing to juggle multiple priorities such as paying down housing loans, building education funds for your children and paying for medical bills

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