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The 4 Things You Need to Have Figured Out By 40

Published by Autumn on June 07, 2021 There’s no denying the overwhelming amount of pressure society places on us to achieve things by a certain age. Social media doesn’t help, either. But if you take a step back and cast your sight further, there is more than just material achievements.  Here’s a simple guide on what you need to have figured out by 40.  1. Your Retirement Plan Palms trees…the salty smell of the sea…a piña colada in hand…while this sounds like a dream, don’t beat yourself up if you’re just getting started or you haven’t met some

Make Your Money Work Harder

“Where Should You Deposit Your Salary?” by CardsPal, 28 May 2020, Information is accurate as of 2 June 2020 Tired of the meagre standard interest rates you have been receiving in the bank account your parents set up for you when you were a kid? Wondering which bank offers the best interest rates for your savings? Look no further as we break down the banks which give you the most lucrative savings plans so you can get the most out of your pay check! Taking the average fresh graduate as a basis, we have compiled the best banks you should deposit your salary into. To compute the interest

The 10 Money Management Rules You Need For Your Relationship To Thrive

Published by Autumn on 6 April, 2021 All of us have our goals and dreams. Most of us may aspire to get married and have family goals, such as starting our own families and being able to take care of our parents when they are older.  Regardless of what they may be, they give us something we can focus our energy on and work towards. Getting married comes with big responsibilities and many financial obligations. One of the most important factors of a successful marriage is knowing how to manage your money and working together to achieve your

5 Ways To Improve Your Financial Health Especially When You Are In Your 40s

Published by Autumn on 31 March, 2021 What is the state of your financial health? Do you aspire to be on F.I.R.E (Financially Independent & Retire Early)?  When is a good time to start taking stock of your financial health? It’s never too late to start working on your financial health, even when you are in your 40s. The 40s could be a golden decade for most people - armed with the benefit of a formal education combined with actual working experience; you’ve had time to clear your student loans and are now at the peak of your

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