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5 Wellness Habits that Could Change Your Life

"Mental Wellness Is About the Little Habits Too" by Health Promotion Board, 7 Dec 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg Exercise, daydream about the future — these are just some ways to improve our mental wellbeing. What other mental health habits can we adopt? When things are going well and we are not stressed out, take time to “smell the flowers” — to spend time on some of the “little things” that help us to be more emotionally resilient and improve our mental wellbeing. These mental health habits will not only help us stay emotionally healthy and on track with our health

The Guaranteed Method to Making Quality Friendships

"How To Make Friends for Better Mental Wellbeing" by Health Promotion Board, 13 Oct 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg You may have stayed away from all the parties you were invited to or may have avoided chatting with others. But no matter how hard you try to resist, interacting with people is unavoidable. Overcome your social anxiety by interacting with people and exposing yourself to various social situations. How To Stop Being Socially Awkward Having meaningful friendships with your loved ones can help you overcome problems and resist negative peer pressure. It’s time to start building positive relationships with others while

6 Ways To Declutter Your Mind To Achieve Mental Wellness

"Six Ways to Declutter Our Minds to Achieve Mental Wellness" by Health Promotion Board, 1 Feb 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg We all have that moment when we feel restless and unfocused, and this raises our stress levels. And when we’re stressed, we might find it harder to achieve our goals — including our health goals such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating less char kway teow, exercising more or giving up smoking. Physical clutter saps our time, energy and space. Getting your physical space and life organised will help you to declutter your mind and boost your mental wellbeing. Mental Clutter

14 Effective Stress Management Tips

"Your Guide to Stress Management" by Health Promotion Board, 7 Sep 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg Stress in your life can take on many forms. Even happy events such as weddings or career advancement can be sources of stress. Why not learn some stress management techniques to deal with stressful situations in your life? Controlled deep breathing exercises that help you focus on your breathing, mental relaxation exercises like guided imagery and muscle relaxation techniques can help to relieve and reduce stress. Stress is a word we hear a lot but no one really stops to think what it really means

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