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7 Essential Tips to Beat Stress Eating To Keep Your Weight In Check

"How to Beat Stress Eating" by Health Promotion Board, 2 September 2020, When we feel overwhelmed, some of us might turn to stress eating for immediate stress relief. There are better ways to deal with stress and anxiety and stop stress eating. Stress eating and binge eating might temporarily reduce stress, but they usually cause more harm than good in the long run. Here are some tips on how to beat stress eating: When Planning to Quit Stress Eating 1. Practise Introspection Identify what exactly is causing you stress and anxiety. Is it conflict with your boss

How To Enjoy Life Without Breaking The Bank

"Want to Enjoy Life? It's the Little Things That Count" by Health Promotion Board, 20 April 2020, Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? What sort of stress reduction techniques are you using to deal with the stress and anxiety in your life? One way to manage stress and improve our mental health is to take active steps to find enjoyment in our lives. Most people feel stressed from time to time amidst the hustle-bustle of a fast-paced society. Stress raises both our heart rate and blood pressure. Left unmanaged, stress can negatively affect our health. How

4 Things You Need To Know Reading Into the Mind Of A Dementia Patient

"Dementia: When The Brain Is Ill" by Health Promotion Board, 5 April 2021, Dementia causes brain cells die faster than normal and can gradually affect our daily functioning. Learn more about this senior health issue. Symptoms of dementia are a result of impairment in thinking skills such as memory, attention, orientation, judgement and language. These symptoms affect a person’s ability to live and function safely and independently, becoming progressively worse over time. Dementia is not a normal part of ageing and is more than just forgetfulness. There are other lesser-known symptoms that may suggest the onset of dementia.

5 Wellness Habits that Could Change Your Life

"Mental Wellness Is About the Little Habits Too" by Health Promotion Board, 7 Dec 2020, Exercise, daydream about the future — these are just some ways to improve our mental wellbeing. What other mental health habits can we adopt? When things are going well and we are not stressed out, take time to “smell the flowers” — to spend time on some of the “little things” that help us to be more emotionally resilient and improve our mental wellbeing. These mental health habits will not only help us stay emotionally healthy and on track with our health

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