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Why You Should Rethink Your Food Choices To Prevent Overeating!

"Mindful Eating Strategies: Eating with Awareness" by Health Promotion Board, 26 January 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg Why do we build a healthier relationship with food when we practise mindful eating? Why is it important to eat slowly? How will that get us to eat healthy and rethink our food choices? Let’s learn about the benefits of mindful eating and how you too, can eat with more awareness! We learned about mindless eating: eating on autopilot and not paying attention to why, when, what, how, and how much we eat. This might be the time we unthinkingly reached for the bag

5 Exercises to Prevent Chronic Illnesses

"5 Exercises to Prevent Chronic Illnesses" by Health Promotion Board, 6 Jan 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg Prevent chronic conditions or chronic illnesses with these exercises that will make your weekly physical activities fun and varied. Chronic Illnesses such as cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease, cancer and diabetes are among the most common and costly health problems in Singapore and account for about two-thirds of deaths. Preventing them can be a simple matter of a healthy diet and regular exercises. A study released by the World Health Organisation recommends approximately 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 minutes of

4 Reasons Why Your Body Will Thank You For High Fibre Intakes

“High Fibre for a Fit and Fabulous You” by Health Promotion Board, 15 Jan 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg Why Increase Fibre Intake? Everyone knows about the benefits of eating wholesome foods like fruit, vegetables, and wholegrains. They are power-packed with vitamins and minerals, and of course fibre which is important for a healthier diet. That’s all very well, and we know that a body needs vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. But apart from helping regular bowel movements, is fibre really that important? What exactly is fibre, and why does eating more of it benefit our health? Basically, dietary fibre

How You Can Eat More Without Putting On Weight

“What to Eat to Lose Weight” by Health Promotion Board, 16 Nov 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg Can you really eat more and lose weight? Many believe that to shed that bit of extra weight, you have to severely reduce the amount you eat. However, starving yourself is not the answer; Instead, it may slow down the body’s metabolism, preventing any long-term weight loss. Eating more quality foods may actually help you lose weight. Here’s how. 1. Understand Your Body’s Needs The first step in weight loss is to know your estimated daily energy requirement. This can be calculated using your

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