4 Insurance Questions You Need To Ask Yourself In Your 40s In Singapore

Published by Autumn on October 20, 2020 At some point in your 40s, you are likely going to find yourself at the halfway mark between the start and the end of your career. When faced with the reality that you are ageing and your career is halfway gone, some may spiral into a mid-life crisis. A better way to manage this period of uncertainty is by re-evaluating your life goals, as well as review your financial plans, especially if you haven’t been doing so since first formulating them at the start of your career. While heeding the call to

How To Build A Retirement Portfolio That You Can Live Off In Your Golden Years

Published by Autumn on 4 March 2021 Your golden years also have the potential to be your most vulnerable years. At this stage of your life, you have given up your monthly paycheque but still need to pay for daily expenses. Relying on CPF LIFE for a part of your retirement expenses This is where the benefit of all your regular contributions to CPF over the years kick in. You can lean on CPF LIFE, Singapore’s mandatory life annuity scheme, that will pay you a monthly income for as long as you live. This is passive income that

How To Stay On Top Of Your Finances And Be Retirement Ready

Published by Autumn on November 20, 2020 Are you worried about not having enough to retire? You are not alone. Retirement Readiness is a common concern among many regardless of occupation, gender, or age, whether you are from the sandwich generation, freelancers in the gig economy, or even just a homemaker. There are many situations that will affect one's financial allocation during a person's lifetime. The key to coping is to stay on top of your finance - to be in a perpetual state of readiness to adapt to your financial needs according to the change in lifestyle at

The 4 Reasons Why Financial Independence Is Important For Women

Published by Autumn on November 03, 2020 Women in Singapore have made great strides towards gender equality. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, Singapore ranked 5th in the East Asia and the Pacific region, ahead of Japan and South Korea but behind New Zealand and Australia. As younger generations of women gain more access to education and career opportunities, you also become more empowered to achieve greater financial independence. Yet, there is one area women may lag behind their male counterparts in Singapore: planning for their retirement. Your retirement is no less

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