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How To Plug Your Insurance Protection Gap (In Any Life Stage)

Published by Autumn on November 03, 2020 An insurance protection gap is typically the difference between how much money you will need compared to how much money you will have in the event of an unfortunate scenario. For example, you may estimate that it will take $360,000 to raise and educate your newborn he or she enters the working world and becomes financially self-dependent. You will be working for the next close to two decades to afford this. If you do not have any savings or life insurance, your insurance protection gap is $360,000. If you already have some

4 Insurance Questions You Need To Ask Yourself In Your 40s In Singapore

Published by Autumn on October 20, 2020 At some point in your 40s, you are likely going to find yourself at the halfway mark between the start and the end of your career. When faced with the reality that you are ageing and your career is halfway gone, some may spiral into a mid-life crisis. A better way to manage this period of uncertainty is by re-evaluating your life goals, as well as review your financial plans, especially if you haven’t been doing so since first formulating them at the start of your career. While heeding the call to

5 Wellness Habits that Could Change Your Life

"Mental Wellness Is About the Little Habits Too" by Health Promotion Board, 7 Dec 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg Exercise, daydream about the future — these are just some ways to improve our mental wellbeing. What other mental health habits can we adopt? When things are going well and we are not stressed out, take time to “smell the flowers” — to spend time on some of the “little things” that help us to be more emotionally resilient and improve our mental wellbeing. These mental health habits will not only help us stay emotionally healthy and on track with our health

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