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The Guaranteed Method to Making Quality Friendships

"How To Make Friends for Better Mental Wellbeing" by Health Promotion Board, 13 Oct 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg You may have stayed away from all the parties you were invited to or may have avoided chatting with others. But no matter how hard you try to resist, interacting with people is unavoidable. Overcome your social anxiety by interacting with people and exposing yourself to various social situations. How To Stop Being Socially Awkward Having meaningful friendships with your loved ones can help you overcome problems and resist negative peer pressure. It’s time to start building positive relationships with others while

The Ultimate Guide to Develop Mental Resilience: Here are 6 Tips!

"6 Ways To Develop Resilience for Better Mental Health" by Health Promotion Board, 7 Dec 2020, http://www.healthhub.sg Building Personal Resilience Resilience is the ability to bounce back and even thrive in the face of extreme difficulty. A resilient person facing a difficult situation is like a football bouncing back after being kicked. Whenever the ball hits an obstacle, it simply bounces off in a new direction. We all face varying degrees of adversities in many areas of life, such as work, family, and relationships. Everyone comes across daily stresses such as feeling overworked, relationship problems and juggling multiple

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