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4 Simple Dietary Guidelines for Good Heart Health

"Heart Health - Basic Dietary Guidelines" by Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 24 May 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg The following are basic dietary guidelines to help you make the right choices on foods to maintain a healthy heart. Moderate Your Sodium Intake Sauces, canned and processed foods contain a high content of sodium so a minimal amount of these products should be consumed. Taste your food first before adding salt or sauces. If necessary, do so sparingly. Avoid salted and preserved food, such as ikan bilis (dried anchovies), salted eggs, luncheon meat, sausages and ham. Ask for less gravy or sauce

Everything You Need to Know about Exercising with Diabetes

"Diabetes Management: Stay Healthy and Exercise!" by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, 26 May 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg Regular physical activity keeps diabetes in control. How much exercise for diabetes management? Are certain exercises more effective? Physical Exercise for Better Diabetes Management People with diabetes can keep themselves active with physical activity as it is one of the best ways to keep your blood sugar in control. It will make you feel better and reduce your risk of complications. Benefits of Physical Activities Improve your body’s ability to use insulin Improve your blood pressure Improve your cholesterol level Lowers risk of osteoporosis

4 Reasons Why Your Body Will Thank You For High Fibre Intakes

“High Fibre for a Fit and Fabulous You” by Health Promotion Board, 15 Jan 2021, http://www.healthhub.sg Why Increase Fibre Intake? Everyone knows about the benefits of eating wholesome foods like fruit, vegetables, and wholegrains. They are power-packed with vitamins and minerals, and of course fibre which is important for a healthier diet. That’s all very well, and we know that a body needs vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. But apart from helping regular bowel movements, is fibre really that important? What exactly is fibre, and why does eating more of it benefit our health? Basically, dietary fibre

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