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6 Things To Do When Writing A Will And Planning To Leave Behind Your Legacy To Loved Ones

Published by Autumn on June 23, 2021 It’s only normal that people are more focused on the wonders and worries of your regular daily life to focus on what happens to you (and your assets) once you pass on. Preparing for your eventual passing – and writing a will – can be a daunting and uneasy task for many. In Singapore, when you pass away without a will, your estate and assets will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act. When this happens, the law dictates who gets what – in a way that you may or

5 Ways To Stay Future Fit So You Can Live Well Today

Published by Autumn on 31 March, 2021 We all want to live in the moment, but we're often held back just by the thought of planning for the future - especially in terms of our money. However, we have to acknowledge that there is a “chicken-and-egg” type of problem here. We need peace of mind in order to live in the moment. But, without planning for our financial future, we cannot achieve peace of mind. To make the process of planning as easy as possible, starting early is key. It gives us decades for our plan to bear

How To Stay On Top Of Your Finances And Be Retirement Ready

Published by Autumn on November 20, 2020 Are you worried about not having enough to retire? You are not alone. Retirement Readiness is a common concern among many regardless of occupation, gender, or age, whether you are from the sandwich generation, freelancers in the gig economy, or even just a homemaker. There are many situations that will affect one's financial allocation during a person's lifetime. The key to coping is to stay on top of your finance - to be in a perpetual state of readiness to adapt to your financial needs according to the change in lifestyle at

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