Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Autumn? 

Headquartered in Singapore, Autumn is a mobile app that provides users with an easy, goals-based approach to plan your wealth and health; now and into the future, through:

  • Awareness: Understand where you are at – a holistic assessment of your financial status, physical health and mental wellness.
  • Goals: Plan for your future – gain clarity on your future needs.
  • Action: Receive guided, personalised education and actionable insights to close your gaps – getting you to where you want to be.

Autumn is incubated by SC Ventures and is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered. We’ve put in place bank-level security measures to protect your financial and health information. Your data is fully encrypted and only you have control and access to it. Visit our Security page for more information:

Q: What is Autumn’s relationship with Standard Chartered Bank?  

Autumn is incubated by SC Ventures and is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered. SC Ventures is a platform and a catalyst for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models. More details on

Q: How can Autumn benefit me? 

Autumn offers a fresh, seamless way to manage your wealth, your health and your goals.  

Money management is made simple with the single-view Finance Dashboard where you can see your money clearly across all your bank accounts, savings, CPF, properties, investments, and insurance in one place. 

Autumn also analyses the financial information you have connected within the app to determine whether you are on/off track to meet the goals you have indicated. 

Users can say goodbye to the complex Excel worksheets, bank statements and tons of insurance policy documents simply by using the Autumn app on your mobile. 

With Autumn’s Weekly Checklist, you can gain clarity on actions you can take to move closer to your goals. 

The health features on Autumn include health scoring based on behavioural science. At a later stage, users will also be able to track their health and fitness by connecting Autumn to selected wearables, so that they can take actions to stay fit. 

Q: Is Autumn suitable for me? 

Autumn is for everyone who is keen on optimising their financial wellbeing and health to achieve the best quality of life they envision for themselves. 

The easy-to-use features are designed for users across all ages, backgrounds, and life stages. 

Q: What are the features on Autumn I should try? 

Finance Dashboard: Complete all the cards here to evaluate your current net worth and clear view across all your assets and/or loans. Remember, your net worth is calculated as the total value of assets minus liabilities. 

Retirement Plan: Set your mind at ease regarding your future plans. Through the chart, visualise if you’re on track for your retirement needs and view recommendations on how much you need to set aside to achieve your retirement goals. 

Goals Planner: Understand the financial impact of your aspirations, such as a new property, big trip or education fund, so you can make better decisions about these desired purchases. 

Insurance Tracker: See, retrieve and manage all of your insurance policies in one place so you enjoy peace of mind about what you have. Never miss a payment again with reminders on your upcoming payments and expiring policies. 

Autumn Hub: Whether you are a beginner or seasoned investor, level up on your knowledge with Autumn’s suite of financial and health literacy articles, quizzes and videos, available as part of Autumn’s collaboration with Franklin Templeton and more. 

Health Dashboard: In partnership with Dacadoo, Autumn enables users to measure their scores across Mind, Body and Lifestyle to receive an overall General Wellness score, receive personalised insights and nudges for better, healthier habits, and more. 

Q: Who are Autumn’s partners? 

Autumn’s ecosystem of partners is designed to support our users in achieving their desired short-term and long-term goals. For example, our tie-up with Bloomberg offers users a daily update of their investment portfolio for easy monitoring. Refer to our homepage for an updated list of all our partners, or check for new announcements. 

Security Measures and Data Protection

Q: How does Autumn connect to my accounts? Is it safe to link my bank account with Autumn? 

Autumn partners with Salt Edge, a leading Global Open Banking solution provider, to connect with a bank of your choice to import and sync your financial information. You can find out more about Salt Edge here. 

Users will have to grant permission for SaltEdge to connect their bank accounts to the Autumn platform. Your financial institution credentials are directly sent from your browser, so Autumn’s servers never see or store your login details or passwords. 

For maximum security, users will have to go through two-factor authentication (2FA) to consolidate your banking accounts on Autumn. These data can be refreshed anytime you request, and you can also choose to remove connected accounts at any time from the app settings and all account data will be permanently deleted. 

To protect your account, users will have to undergo two-factor authentication (2FA) when you update your linked account balances.  This two-factor authentication (2FA) is provided by financial institutions in Singapore. We recommend that you refresh your account balances at least once every 2-4 weeks to keep your projections updated. 

For certain banking service providers, your use of the Autumn App or certain functions of the App could be restricted.  

For example, in an effort to minimise the risk of unauthorised transactions, your banking service provider may ask you not to share your banking credentials or log in details with any third party without its consent. If there is a breach of your banking service provider terms and you suffer any loss or damage, you may not be able to recover such loss or damage from your bank, and your bank may also be able to claim their losses (if any) against you.  

Please review any applicable banking service provider terms and ensure that your use of the Autumn app and its functions complies with applicable terms and that you are comfortable to proceed with Autumn. 

Q: Which bank accounts can Autumn aggregate? 

Users will be able to aggregate their deposits and loans accounts in Singapore, from DBS, OCBC, UOB, Citi, HSBC, BOC, CIMB and Standard Chartered. 

Q: How does Autumn / Salt Edge import and sync my financial information? 

To import and sync your financial information, you need to connect with your bank via the Salt Edge interface embedded within Autumn. Your bank credentials will be accessed directly through Salt Edge and not via Autumn. Salt Edge will establish a connection for your account and return the data to Autumn for visualisation. For more information, please refer to Salt Edge’s Privacy Policy. 

Q: I don’t want to get automatic updates on my financial information anymore. How do I do that? 

Your financial information will not be automatically updated if you don’t refresh your data. You may choose not to “Sync” your account and update your financial information manually instead. Please note that the manual update can only be done on the previous months account balance. Alternatively, you may delete the account that you don’t wish to “Sync”, manually add the account, key in your financial information and regularly update them. 

Q: Who has access to my banking credentials? Can Autumn/Salt Edge read my Banking login details?

Salt Edge will receive your banking credentials directly from you and process it to retrieve your financial information from your bank of choice. Autumn does nothave access to your Bank ID and password. For your security, both Autumn and Salt Edge will not store your banking credentials. This means that you will have to re-login via Salt Edge every time you import / sync your latest financial transactions and data. 

Q: How does Salt Edge protect my financial information, including my Banking credentials? 

Salt Edge uses multiple encryption layers as well as tokenisation technology to protect customers’ banking credentials. It also uses multiple defensive layers in order to protect end-customer data. Access to the company systems requires multi-factor authentication. The databases are both physically and logically protected from general employee access. Salt Edge securely serves hundreds of thousands of end-customers daily. You can find out more about their security here. 

Q: If Salt Edge receives my banking credentials, how does Autumn ensure my information is protected? 

We will not have access to your banking credentials, and we do not provide Salt Edge with any personal information you have provided to Autumn such as your name or email address. This separation ensures that neither Autumn nor Salt Edge has access to all your personal information and therefore keeps your information more secure. 

Your data security and privacy are important, and we employ a very stringent security and privacy policy to ensure your personally identifiable data is strictly confidential. You may refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. 

We adopt a wide range of the latest security practices in mobile technology. These include passwords with 2FA verification, AES-256 and TLS1.2 encryption mechanism.  We also commission security audits by third-party cyber-security providers. Please refer to the Autumn Security page here. 

Q: Is your app endorsed by the MAS or any other relevant authority?

Autumn holds a Financial Adviser’s License by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct the regulated activity of advising others concerning units in a collective investment scheme. 

Q: Do you comply with all security measures and data protection required by Singapore authorities? 

As a business venture under SC Ventures, the innovation arm of Standard Chartered Bank, we comply with “Bank Level Security” measures. This means we adhere to the same high security standards and customer data privacy policy as the Bank. Furthermore, all financial data is highly encrypted.  Even our staff are unable to retrieve and edit your financial data. Please refer to the Autumn Security page here. 

Q: Is there any other way to add my accounts if I am not comfortable to link my bank account? 

Yes! You may manually key in your financial information and keep them updated without having to link to any bank. 

Q: Who will see my data? 

Our system has been designed to only parse and import financial data, which ONLY you and the people whom you choose to share the information with can view. We cannot (and will NOT) manipulate any financial data or information. 

Q: Will my personal information be shared with third parties? Will Autumn sell my personal information? 

Your personal information is important to Autumn and it is our policy to respect and protect your personal information. Depending on the purpose of processing your personal information, personal information may be disclosed to third parties. Nevertheless we will not sell or disclose personal information to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent.  Please review our Privacy Policy. 

Q: Why does the Authorization request take longer than usual to be sent to me? 

Salt Edge has to perform various complex tasks before the authorization is generated by your bank. This is done securely and with a highly encrypted process. We are continuously improving the process to make it faster and more seamless for our users. 

Q: What can I do to protect my Autumn account? 

You may consider the following to make your online journey safe: 

  1. Create a strong password. Avoid reusing passwords from other platforms. 
  2. Keep your information and passwords / One-Time Password (OTP) safe – never share it with anyone. 
  3. Ensure you only install programs from legitimate sources. 
  4. Beware of identity theft and phishing attempts. Autumn will neverask you for your financial data or login credentials. 

Q: Why am I unable to authenticate my bank accounts? 

If you are connecting using iB token or mobile authenticator, please ensure that notifications for your banking app are turned ON, and look out for a notification from the banking app on your phone while connecting your bank accounts. 

General Enquiries 

Q: I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do? 

Click on “Forgot Password” in the app and enter the email address you are using as your login ID to reset your password. Please note you can only use the “Forgot Password” function if you have verified your email or registered your mobile number.  

Q: I am already retired. Can I still use this app? 

While Autumn is meant to guide you with retirement and financial planning in the years leading up to your retirement, there are certainly features you may use even after you are retired.  

For example, this app aggregates your asset across different banks and insurers. You will still have an overview of your financial health and you can calibrate your spend accordingly. 

Q: Can I create more than one account on my device? 

While you may create multiple accounts on your device, each account must be linked to a unique email address. It is not advisable to create duplicate accounts. 

Q: Why do I need to register my mobile phone number? 

Autumn is committed to providing our users with a high level of online security. 

By adding your mobile phone number, we will enable 2FA on the following: 

When signing up and creating a new account with Autumn 

Password Change, Reset and Account Unlock 

Mobile Number Change. 

Q: Why has Autumn introduced 2FA, and what is the benefit to me? 

2FA is a stronger form of identity validation and authentication as it relies on: 

  1. Information you know (that is your user ID and login password) 
  2. Information Autumn provides to you (One-time PIN sent via SMS 

The usage of 2FA will mean a greater peace of mind for you when you are online. 

Q: When registering, why can’t I choose a country other than Singapore as my place of residence? 

At this moment, this App is restricted to users residing in Singapore. 

Q: Why can’t I register an overseas mobile phone number?

Since this App is restricted to users residing in Singapore, part of our controls involves allowing only mobile numbers with a country code (65) to be used as verification.  

Q: Which Banks can I link my accounts with Autumn?

At this moment, you are able to link accounts that you have with Standard Chartered, OCBC, UOB, Citi, HSBC, BOC, and CIMB. 

Q: How is Autumn associated with any of the Banks that I link to?

Autumn is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered UK Holdings Limited and a business venture created by SC Ventures, the innovation arm of Standard Chartered Bank. Autumn is not associated with any other Bank. Using a third-party aggregator Salt Edge, we help you pool together various data sources from your accounts and display it as a simple aggregated view.  If you require further information, please see our response to “Is it safe to link my bank account with Autumn? How do you do it? 

Q: Why don’t I see my latest financial information on the Banks that I link to?

You need to refresh your data by clicking on the “Sync” button. The bank will then trigger an authorisation request for you to complete. Autumn does not store and does not have access to your banking credentials. We rely on Salt Edge to generate a one-time, read-only access before downloading and compiling your financial information within your Autumn account. 

Retirement Planning and Goals 

Q: What is ‘projected savings’?

Projected savings is the amount you would have saved up by the time you retire and is calculated based on your planned retirement age and monthly savings rate, current savings, and loans.  

Q: What is ‘shortfall’ and how does that affect me?

Your shortfall is the difference between your retirement goal and projected savings. 

Q: Is there a max retirement age?

Our app currently supports a maximum retirement age of 99. Nonetheless, we recommend that you choose an age that makes the most sense to you. 

Q: Is there a maximum duration for being in retirement?

There is no maximum duration for being in retirement. It would depend on your planned retirement age and how long you are able to live. Within the app, we have set up an upper limit for calculations of life expectancy at a maximum of 99 years old. 

Q: Why is there an error prompt when my current age is more than my retirement age?

As Autumn is currently primarily catering to users prior to retirement, your retirement age should be higher than your current age for the retirement planning tool to show you realistic outcomes. 

Q: Why can’t I input an age higher than 99?

Autumn is assuming that typical life expectancy does not stretch beyond 99 years, and we encourage users to plan realistically. If you are already close to or above 99 years old, congratulations, and stay healthy! 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of goals I can add?

At any point in time, you may have up to 5 goals. 

Q: I received an error message when adding a goal. Why did this happen?

Inputs that affect your goals are your savings & assets, income sources and values of your goals. Please ensure you have sufficient projected funds to meet your goals. 

Q: Why is there an error prompt when I add goals? 

It may be because your goal is unachievable with the financial inputs you have provided. 

Q: Why do I get an insufficient funds message when I can afford down payment on my property goal? 

This might be the case when you are not able to meet your instalment obligations. Autumn helps you take a holistic view of current and future obligations, so the calculations also take your projected monthly commitments into account. The Goals module also considers other goals that you have added and takes an aggregated view of your obligations. 

Q: Why are all my goals paused?

This may be due to an asset or income source being changed or removed that the aspirations depended on. You can reactivate your goals by editing them. 

Q: Why doesn’t adding an investment property impact my retirement graph?

This is because we consider property as a capital asset. This means that when a property is purchased, it merely converts from one asset (cash or CPF) to another asset (Property). Autumn will still take this aspiration in account for computations of your liquidity. An error message may be displayed if your asset value is entirely comprised of non-liquid assets or if you have insufficient liquidity to fund it otherwise. 

Q: Does the retirement graph map out my shortfall if I do not have sufficient funds for a goal?

Retirement graph will only tell you the shortfall in managing your retirement, whilst Goals is your playing field where you can try and see what you can buy and how much you can spend. 

Savings & Loans 

Q: I have bank accounts in different currencies. How do I add an account with a different currency?  

Yes, you can. There are 12 different currencies currently available in Autumn – SGD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, MYR, NZD, USD. 

Q: Does Autumn also aggregate overseas savings, liabilities and assets?

Yes, you may input your overseas portfolio using the original currency (if supported). Autumn will convert the value into SGD when displaying your overall finances. 

Q: Why can’t I find a particular currency or add property in a particular country?

Autumn is constantly being upgraded to improve your experience, and adding more currencies is definitely on the list. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see in Autumn, please let us know at 


Q: Can I add a property outside my country of residence?

Yes, you can. We currently support 34 countries and 12 different currencies. We are constantly upgrading the app and adding more countries and currencies to improve your experience with Autumn.   


Q: Can my CPF details be pulled directly from the CPF website via Singpass?

We will be integrating support for MyInfo via SingPass login as part of our product roadmap. For now, you may enter your current CPF balances and monthly contribution manually. Autumn will be able to take care of projections and splits of your monthly contributions for you. 


Q: Does Autumn provide investment advisory? 

No, Autumn does not provide regulated investment advice yet. We are currently working towards providing you with data driven insights and information based on your financial inputs and risk profile so that you can achieve your goals.  

Q: How often is the investment portfolio in Autumn updated?

Autumn uses Bloomberg data to update your investment market data within the Autumn app. Typically, it’s updated at least once on a trading day. 

Q: How can I add Cryptocurrency and Robo Advisor investments for my Investment Portfolio valuation? 

Autumn does not offer cryptocurrency and Robo Advisor investments. If you have them, you can add them to your portfolio as “Other Investments”. 


Q: Why is there an error prompt when I try to upload a document?

Your document might be too large or in a format we do not support yet. 

Q: Can I add assets like Cryptocurrency?

As of now, Autumn does not specifically account for Cryptocurrencies. However, you are welcome to input it manually as an “Other Investment” to keep track of it within your portfolio. 


Q: Where do I direct my questions, complaints or claims? 

You may direct questions, complaints or claims to: 

Autumn Life Pte Ltd 

80 Robinson Road, #02-00 Singapore 068898 


Phone: +65 3157 0699 

In the event of fraudulent or suspicious activities, we advise users to contact Autumn and/or your financial institution immediately. 

AIG Referral  

Q: Is Autumn advising me to take up policies from AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“AIG”)?

Autumn is referring you to AIG’s website for more information on the insurance options that are available for you to protect things that matter to you. This does not constitute as advice or a recommendation by Autumn, in our capacity as a financial advisor. 

Q: Is Autumn remunerated for referring me to AIG? 

As a referrer, Autumn will be paid a one-time marketing fee from AIG, upon a successful purchase of the policy. 

Insurance Product  One-Time flat Marketing Fees per Successful Conversion, payable by AIG to Autumn, NETT (SGD) 
Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance  S$20.00 
Homes Advantage  S$70.00 
Homes Complete  S$40.00 
AIG Car Insurance Collision Only Policy  S$90.00 
AIG Car Insurance Complete Policy  S$90.00 
Travel Guard ® Direct (Single Trip)  S$30.00 
Travel Guard ® Direct (Annual Trip)  S$125.00