Frequently Asked Questions

About Autumn

Q: What is Autumn?

Autumn is a financial technology company focused on helping people get ready to own their future. We help people understand all aspects of their money life so they can make smart choices to reach their goals.

Headquartered in Singapore, Autumn is incubated by SC Ventures and is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered.

Q: What is Autumn’s relationship with Standard Chartered Bank?

Autumn is incubated by SC Ventures and is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered. SC Ventures is a platform and a catalyst for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models.

Q: Who are Autumn’s partners?

Autumn’s ecosystem of partners is designed to support our users in achieving their desired short-term and long-term goals. Refer to our homepage for an updated list of all our partners.


Q: Do you comply with all security measures and data protection required by Singapore authorities?

As a business venture under SC Ventures, the innovation arm of Standard Chartered Bank, we comply with “Bank Level Security” measures. This means we adhere to the same high security standards and customer data privacy policy as the Bank. Furthermore, all financial data is highly encrypted.  Even our staff are unable to retrieve and edit your financial data.

Q: Who will see my data?

Our system has been designed to only parse and import financial data, which ONLY you and the people whom you choose to share the information with can view. We cannot (and will NOT) manipulate any financial data or information.

Q: Will my personal information be shared with third parties? Will Autumn sell my personal information?

Your personal information is important to Autumn and it is our policy to respect and protect your personal information. Depending on the purpose of processing your personal information, personal information may be disclosed to third parties. Nevertheless we will not sell or disclose personal information to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent.  Please review our Privacy Policy.

General Enquiries

Q: Why do I need to register my mobile phone number?

Autumn is committed to providing our users with a high level of online security.

By adding your mobile phone number, we will enable 2FA on the following:

When signing up and creating a new account with Autumn

Password Change, Reset and Account Unlock

Mobile Number Change.

Q: When registering, why can’t I choose a country other than Singapore as my place of residence?

At this moment, this App is restricted to users residing in Singapore and having mobile numbers with a country code (65) to be used as verification.

Q: Is Autumn advising me to take up policies from AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“AIG”)?

Autumn is referring you to AIG’s website for more information on the insurance options that are available for you to protect things that matter to you. This does not constitute as advice or a recommendation by Autumn.

Q: Is Autumn remunerated for referring me to AIG?

As a referrer, Autumn will be paid a one-time marketing fee from AIG, upon a successful purchase of the policy.

Insurance Product One-Time flat Marketing Fees per Successful Conversion, payable by AIG to Autumn, NETT (SGD)
Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance S$20.00
Homes Advantage S$70.00
Homes Complete S$40.00
AIG Car Insurance Collision Only Policy S$90.00
AIG Car Insurance Complete Policy S$90.00
Travel Guard ® Direct (Single Trip) S$30.00
Travel Guard ® Direct (Annual Trip) S$125.00

Q: Where do I direct my questions, complaints or claims?

You may direct questions, complaints or claims to:

In the event of fraudulent or suspicious activities, we advise users to contact Autumn and/or your financial institution immediately.

Finance Features

 Q: How can I add Cryptocurrency and Robo Advisor investments for my Investment Portfolio valuation?

Autumn does not offer cryptocurrency and Robo Advisor investments. If you have them, you can add them to your portfolio as “Other Investments”.