Frequently Asked Questions

About Autumn

Q:  Who is Autumn?

A:   Autumn is a startup founded in Singapore that provides an integrated financial and health solution to enable customers to track their finances and health status so that they can be on track to achieve their retirement goals.

Autumn is one of the ventures being incubated by SC Ventures and is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered. It is the result of an idea proposal that came out from Standard Chartered’s intrapreneurs programme which encourages employees to pitch ideas that solve real world customer problems. The idea was selected based on strong market validation and is now one of the ventures being incubated by SC Ventures.

Q: What is Autumn’s relationship with Standard Chartered Bank?

A: Autumn is one of the ventures being incubated by SC Ventures and is a subsidiary of       Standard Chartered. SC Ventures is a platform and a catalyst for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models. More details on

Q: What does Autumn do or provide?

A: Autumn offers an integrated digital wealth, health and lifestyle platform that enables users to stay on top of ther finances and be on track to achieve their life goals. Besides managing their financial wellbeing, the holistic platform will at a later phase provide insights into an individual’s health score. By keying in their financial and basic health data (such as their activities and BMI), users can gain access to Autumn’s insights on where their shortfalls are and educational content to help them reduce these gaps.  We will also be bringing lifestyle partners onboard, to further enhance our users’ experience.

Q: Who will Autumn be serving (or target customers)?

A:  Autumn’s target customers are those actively seeking to improve their financial and health status so that they can live a better quality of life when they choose to retire.

Autumn Services and Partners

Q: What features does Autumn offer?

A: Currently, Autumn provides users with

  • A single dashboard that aggregates users’ financial data (savings & loans, CPF, investment, properties) in Singapore and overseas, giving them a view of their total net worth.
  • A retirement graph which shows the projected gaps or surpluses based on their current net worth.
  • A dashboard that has their aspirations and expected spend so that they can see the retirement trade-offs from other financial decisions, allowing them to calibrate their expectations.

We are constantly enhancing the app with new features to support users in their financial and physical wellbeing. In future, users will be able to add their insurance documents and share the financial dashboard with their loved ones or a trusted advisor in case of emergency. At a later stage, users will also be able to track their health and fitness by connecting Autumn to selected wearables, so that they can take actions to stay fit.

Q: Is Autumn part of Singapore Financial Data Exchange (SGFinDex)?

A: Autumn is not part of the SGFinDex ecosystem. We have partnered with SaltEdge, a financial application programming interface (API) platform that aggregates users’ financial data across different financial institutions from Singapore and overseas. Users will have to grant permission for SaltEdge to connect their bank accounts to the Autumn platform. The data is highly secured and users will have to go through two-factor authentication (2FA) to consolidate their banking accounts on Autumn. These data can be refreshed anytime at the user’s request, and they can also choose to delete the account from the Autumn App at any time.

Q:Which bank accounts can Autumn aggregate?

A: Users will be able to aggregate their deposits and loans accounts in Singapore.

Q: Will it be a one time grant of permission and how often are the accounts refreshed on the Autumn App?

A: To protect your account, a one-time password (OTP) will be periodically requested when you update your linked account balances. We recommend that you refresh your account balances at least once every 2-4 weeks to keep your projections updated.

Q: What is unique about Autumn?

A:Autumn is an independent and holistic retirement planning platform. We seek to work with multiple financial partners to offer users a marketplace of solutions, so that users can get personalised recommendations and solutions.

Q: Will Autumn be partnering any corporates/insurance/banks?

A: Autumn is a customer centric, bank-agnostic and independent platform. We seek to build an ecosystem to support our users in achieving their desired retirement goals. At present, we have partnered with Bloomberg to offer users a daily update of their investment portfolio so that they can track the performance. We will continuously enhance the app with new features to support users in their financial and physical wellbeing.

Q: What kind of advisory services does Autumn provide?

A: Autumn does not provide investment advisory services at this point. All personalised insights are derived from users’ financial or health data and in-app user behaviour. The insights allow the user to make more informed decisions based on their own behavior, financial and health situation. All data are stored securely in the cloud.

Data Security & Access

Q: How secured is the data?

A: As a venture of SC Ventures, we adopt bank-level security measures to ensure that our users’ financial and health information is safeguarded and protected. From state-of-the-art encryption to identity verification, security is in our DNA.

Q: Will anyone have access to users’ data?

A: All user data are stored in the cloud and fully encrypted, and only accessible to the users themselves. Our system has been designed to only parse and import financial data, which ONLY the users and the people whom the users choose to share the information with can view. We cannot (and will NOT) manipulate any financial data or information

Q: Is it safe to link my bank account with Autumn? How do you do it?

A: Autumn partners with Salt Edge, a leading Global Open Banking solution provider, to connect with a bank of your choice to import and sync your financial information. You can find out more about Salt Edge here.

Your use of the Autumn App or certain functions of the App could be restricted by your banking service provider.

For example, in an effort to minimise the risk of unauthorised transactions, your banking service provider may ask you not to share your banking credentials or log in details with any third party without its consent. If there is a breach of your banking service provider terms and you suffer any loss or damage, you may not be able to recover such loss or damage from your bank, and your bank may also be able to claim their losses (if any) against you.

Please review any applicable banking service provider terms and ensure that your use of the Autumn app and its functions complies with applicable terms and that you are comfortable to proceed with Autumn.

Q: How does Autumn / Salt Edge import and sync my financial information?

A: To import and sync your financial information, you need to connect with your bank via the Salt Edge interface embedded within Autumn. Your bank credentials will be accessed directly through Salt Edge and not via Autumn. Salt Edge will establish a connection for your account and return the data to Autumn for visualization. For more information, please refer to Salt Edge’s Privacy Policy.

Q: I don’t want to get automatic updates on my financial information anymore. How do I do that?

A: Your financial information will not be automatically updated if you don’t refresh your data. You may choose not to “Sync” your account and update your financial information manually instead. Please note that the manual update can only be done on the previous months account balance. Alternatively, you may delete the account that you don’t wish to “Sync”, manually add the account, key in your financial information and regularly update them.

Q: Who has access to my banking credentials? Is Autumn / Salt Edge able to read my Banking log-in details?

A: Salt Edge will receive your banking credentials directly from you and process it to retrieve your financial information from your bank of choice. Autumn does not have access to your Bank ID and password. For your security, both Autumn and Salt Edge will not store your banking credentials. This means that you will have to re-login via Salt Edge every time you import / sync your latest financial transactions and data.

Q: How does Salt Edge protect my financial information, including my Banking credentials?

A: Salt Edge uses multiple encryption layers as well as tokenization technology to protect customers’ banking credentials. It also uses multiple defensive layers in order to protect end-customer data. Access to the company systems requires multi-factor authentication. The databases are both physically and logically protected from general employee access. Salt Edge securely serves hundreds of thousands of end-customers daily. You can find out more about their security here.

Q: If Salt Edge receives my banking credentials, how does Autumn ensure that my information is protected?

A: We will not have access to your banking credentials, and we do not provide Salt Edge with any personal information you have provided to Autumn such as your name or email address. This separation ensures that neither Autumn nor Salt Edge has access to all your personal information and therefore keeps your information more secure.

Your data security and privacy are important, and we employ a very stringent security and privacy policy to ensure your personally identifiable data is strictly confidential. You may refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

We adopt a wide range of the latest security practices in mobile technology. These include passwords with 2FA verification, AES-256 and TLS1.2 encryption mechanism.  We also commission security audits by third-party cyber-security providers. Please refer to the Autumn Security page here.

Q:  Is your app endorsed by the MAS or any other relevant authority?

A: Not at present. Autumn expects to explore licensing with the appropriate regulatory authorities in the future.

Q:  Do you comply with all the security measures and data protection required by financial authorities in Singapore?

A: As a business venture under SC Ventures, the innovation arm of Standard Chartered Bank, we comply with “Bank Level Security” measures. This means we adhere to the same high security standards and customer data privacy policy as the Bank. Furthermore, all financial data is highly encrypted.  Even our staff are unable to retrieve and edit your financial data. Please refer to the Autumn Security guidehere.

Q: Is there any other way to add my accounts if I am not comfortable to link my bank account?

A: Yes! You may manually key in your financial information and keep them updated without having to link to any bank.

Q: Will my personal information be shared with third parties? Will Autumn sell my personal information?

A: Your personal information is important to Autumn and it is our policy to respect and protect your personal information. Depending on the purpose of processing your personal information, personal information may be disclosed to third parties. Nevertheless we will not sell or disclose personal information to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent.  Please review our Privacy Policy.

Q: What can I do to protect my Autumn account?

A: You may consider the following to make your online journey safe:

  • Create a strong password. Avoid reusing passwords from other platforms.
  • Keep your information and passwords / One-Time Password (OTP) safe – never share it with anyone.
  • Ensure you only install programs from legitimate sources.
  • Beware of identity theft and phishing attempts. Autumn will never ask you for your financial data or login credentials.


Q; Is Autumn only available to SC customers? Who can use the service?

A: Autumn is bank-agnostic and available on Apple  App Store and Google Play Store to anyone who wants to take control of their retirement planning.

Q: Will customers have to pay for the service?

A: All the current features within the app will be offered to users for free. There will be subscription fees when users opt for more features in  future. More details will be unveiled soon.



You may direct questions, complaints or claims to:
Autumn Life Pte Ltd

80 Robinson Road, #02-00 Singapore 068898
Phone: +65 3157 0699

In the event of fraudulent or suspicious activities, we advise users to contact Autumn and/or your financial institution immediately.