[Important Announcement] For individuals who have opened an investment account and/or invested in Autumn Model Portfolios

Last updated 30 August 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Autumn Life Pte. Ltd. (“Autumn”) no longer offering financial advisory services?

Autumn has decided to pursue a different business model and as such will no longer be offering financial advisory services to retail customers in Singapore.

2. When will Autumn stop offering the financial advisory services?

Autumn will cease to offer financial advisory services in Q4 2023.

3. I have opened an investment account and/or invested money in Autumn model portfolios. What will happen to my account, my open positions and capital that I have deposited?

You can choose to either 

a. close the account completely OR
b. cancel the Letter of Authorisation and maintain your Saxo ID

Please inform us of your decision to close your account with Saxo by 15th September 2023

a. Close the account completely

Please email support@autumn.sg; ; cc primeservice@markets.saxo that you would like to terminate the account entirely. An account can be closed when the following has been done 

  1. Open orders, if there are any, are cancelled. 
  2. Open positions (Trades), if there are any, are closed.   
  3. Cash, if there is any, is withdrawn. 
  4. Relevant account and trading reports are recommended to be downloaded. 

b. Cancel the letter of Authorisation with Autumn and maintain Saxo ID

Please email your notification to support@autumn.sg ; cc primeservice@markets.saxo .  

Saxo will process the notification within 2 business days. Saxo team will take over to assist you going forward. 

Kindly note the following for Option b. Cancel the Letter of Authorisation with Autumn and maintain Saxo ID 

  • Until the Letter of Authorisation is effectively cancelled, Autumn shall continue to have access to your account including but not limited to handling open orders and any potential automatic allocation of trades to your account. Unless otherwise agreed by Saxo, any instructions received by Saxo from Autumn prior to the effective cancellation of this Letter of Authorisation are irrevocable.
  • Notwithstanding that the Letter of Authorisation has been cancelled, Saxo may calculate and deduct from your account any outstanding fees, commissions or sums payable to Saxo or Autumn (including, but not limited to, any outstanding management and performance fees, as applicable).
  • Where the Letter of Authorisation has been effectively cancelled, you will be granted full access to the account and the standard fees/charges described in Saxo’s Commissions, Charges & Margin Schedule will apply to the account. This may result in you being subject to higher fees in respect of its trading activities and you will be notified of the foregoing via email from Saxo. 

 For any further questions, you may contact us at Email: support@autumn.sg / Phone: +65 3157 0699. 


4. If I do not inform Autumn and Saxo of my decision by 15th September 2023, what is the default option?

If you do not respond on time, the default option is as such: the Letter of Authorisation will be cancelled on your behalf and you will maintain your Saxo ID.

5. Will Autumn keep my account information after it ceases financial advisory services?

Autumn will retain your account information in accordance with our Privacy Policy at https://autumn.sg/privacy-policy/, i.e. in line with our legal and regulatory obligations and for business and operational purposes. In the majority of cases this will be for five (5) years from the end of your relationship with us. For any queries you may contact our Data Protection Officer at privacy@autumn.sg.

6. If I have queries, who can I contact and how do I contact this person?

You may contact us:

Autumn Life Pte Ltd
80 Robinson Road, #02-00 Singapore 068898

Email: support@autumn.sg

Phone: +65 3157 0699