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“Just like your physical health, mental health is a key part of your well-being”: In conversation with mental health advocate Sabrina Ooi

In lieu of World Mental Health Day, we speak to Sabrina Ooi, mental health advocate and co-founder of social enterprise Calm Collective Asia.

Autumn Conversations: “How I make time for my career, family and well-being” by Lynn Yeoh

From leaning on a community to conscientiously carving out me-time in her day, working mom Lynn Yeoh (executive director of shares how she balances both career and family.

Autumn Conversations: “How I Live My Life To The Fullest” by Ron Kaufman

1) What does “retirement” mean to you? The word "retirement" is a historical phenomenon. The idea that you work for a certain number of years, then you stop working and then you retire – become that older person who plays golf or does the gardening – is outdated. It’s been found that people who retire after doing work that they love die early because they don't necessarily make the shift to another place where they can find meaning in life, contribute vigorously and continue to learn and grow. The way I look at the word retirement: it means putting

Autumn Conversations: “Be The Author Of Your Life” by Yasmine Khater

Published by Autumn on June 30, 2021 What is at the heart of your motivation? As a kid with mixed heritage, I would hear comments of all the reasons why I was weird. As a result, I was so shy, bullied, and felt so misunderstood. I did not speak up and hated the idea of someone seeing me. Until one day in University, Sami who was part of the student union asked me to introduce myself. Instead, I kept stuttering, looked down, so embarrassed. He let me off the hook, and the remaining session, I felt so uncomfortable. He came up to

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