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4 Super Simple Ways To Start Investing

Published by Autumn on June 04, 2021 Want to start investing but don’t have a huge sum of money? Don’t worry, starting small is better than not starting at all. You don’t always have to start with lump sum investment. In fact, it might not always be the best. There are many several kinds of investment methods that you can consider and choose one that best suits help you achieve your needs and goals. As a first-time investor, here are some key concepts that will benefit you greatly: A good understanding of the effect of compounding A healthy

You Don’t Need A Lot To Start Investing. Here’s What You Need, To Get Started.

Published by Autumn on May 17, 2021 You can start investing with very little. Here’s what you need, to get started.  The thought of investing need not sound daunting if you take small steps towards achieving your big goal. Regardless of how much you have, there is comfort that you can start investing with very little, whichever life stage you are at.  The idea is to leverage on compound interest to build from this pot. Here’s a 5-step financial checklist to get you started on your investment journey.  1. Build your 6-month emergency fund Having an emergency savings fund equivalent to

How To Plug Your Insurance Protection Gap (In Any Life Stage)

Published by Autumn on November 03, 2020 An insurance protection gap is typically the difference between how much money you will need compared to how much money you will have in the event of an unfortunate scenario. For example, you may estimate that it will take $360,000 to raise and educate your newborn he or she enters the working world and becomes financially self-dependent. You will be working for the next close to two decades to afford this. If you do not have any savings or life insurance, your insurance protection gap is $360,000. If you already have some

5 Common Psychological Bias That Can Hurt Your Investment Returns

Published by Autumn on 29 March, 2021 Without even knowing, many of us have biases that affect our investment decisions, and ultimately outcomes. Here are 5 Psychological Biases that can hurt your investment returns. 1. Confirmation Bias Often times, you may already have a pre-existing opinion about a certain investment product based on recent news or recommendations from your family and friends. You may not even realise that subconsciously you tend to tune in to information which confirms your biases. This is known as the confirmation bias, as it creates a false sense of security and blind spots,

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