9 Quick Ways to Save Money in 2021

"8 Quick Ways To Save Money in 2021" by CardsPal, 12 March 2021, http://www.cardspal.com Growing your savings need not be a numbers game, as anyone can achieve it with just proper planning and discipline. Instead of putting it off until you reach certain milestones like getting a new job or salary increment, make saving a daily priority to help secure a better financial future. Accumulate your savings through these easy-to-follow money-management tips you can implement in your daily life: Money-saving tip 1: Choose quality over quantity This might sound counter-intuitive, given that most quality products are more expensive. However, quality

Make Your Money Work Harder

“Where Should You Deposit Your Salary?” by CardsPal, 28 May 2020, http://www.cardspal.com Information is accurate as of 2 June 2020 Tired of the meagre standard interest rates you have been receiving in the bank account your parents set up for you when you were a kid? Wondering which bank offers the best interest rates for your savings? Look no further as we break down the banks which give you the most lucrative savings plans so you can get the most out of your pay check! Taking the average fresh graduate as a basis, we have compiled the best banks you should deposit your salary into. To compute the interest

6 Step Guide On Optimising Your Personal Finance

Published by Autumn on May 17, 2021 You can start investing with very little. Here’s what you need, to get started.  The thought of investing need not sound daunting if you take small steps towards achieving your big goal. Regardless of how much you have, there is comfort that you can start investing with very little, whichever life stage you are at.  The idea is to leverage on compound interest to build from this pot. Here’s a 5-step financial checklist to get you started on your investment journey.  1. Build your 6-month emergency fund Having an emergency savings fund equivalent to

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