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Health Insurance vs. Life Insurance: Which one should I get?

So you’ve gotten a decent job, saved some money, and are looking to tick the next item off your adulting checklist – that is, getting insurance to protect yourself because life isn’t cheap! Do a quick search online and the two terms you’d probably come across time and again are health insurance and life insurance. What are they exactly and are they the same? Which one is more important? Here’s the lowdown.

Which insurance plan suits your personality?

Anyone who’s tried can vouch for the fact that choosing an insurance plan can be confusing work! But this process need not be as complicated as it seems, and besides, everyone’s different. Read on to find out which insurance plan best suits your personality!

Financial Self-Care: Why it matters and 8 ideas to start

We all know how important self care is - but often, think about it in the context of our physical or emotional health. In this article, we talk about why our financial self-care is just as important and some tips for creating a sustainable financial self-care routine.

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