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Health Insurance vs. Life Insurance: Which one should I get?

So you’ve gotten a decent job, saved some money, and are looking to tick the next item off your adulting checklist – getting insurance to protect yourself because life isn’t cheap. Do a quick search online and the two terms you’d probably come across time and again are health insurance and life insurance. What are they exactly and are they the same? Which one is more important? Here’s the lowdown. 

Health insurance vs. life insurance, explained 

Health insurance helps to cover your medical and hospitalisation expenses when you are ill while life insurance offers a payout (also known as sum assured) in the event of death or total permanent disability. Check out the following table to have a better idea of the two types of insurance. 

Health and Life Insurance

Which should I get first? 

At the risk of sounding morbid, you might have heard some people say that it is cheaper to die than to fall sick. That’s not entirely surprising given the cost of healthcare in Singapore. 

For instance, unsubsidised rates for a coronary angioplasty to widen blocked heart vessels can cost between S$13,000 to S$15,000 in public hospitals, depending on the ward. That’s a reality closer than most might think, what with heart disease and stroke accounting for almost one out of three deaths in Singapore. 

Medical emergencies are unavoidable and the bill that follows can be equally debilitating. For that reason alone, health insurance is a fundamental level of protection not to be overlooked. 

Do I need life insurance? 

It is a common question that people have but perhaps the more accurate question is: do I need life insurancenow? Well, it depends. 

How many liabilities do you have? Student loans? Housing loans? 

Do you have any dependents? Aging parents? Just got married? New kid on the way? 

The rule of thumb is, that if you have people out there relying on you (and your income) for financial stability, consider getting life insurance. Most people think about inheriting legacies, but the truth of the matter is, debt can be inherited as well. 

This becomes increasingly important as you progress on in life and gain more dependents. If you die suddenly or lose the ability to work due to permanent disability (touch wood!), life insurance ensures that your dependents have a source of funds to deal with outstanding debts or loss of future income. 

Having said that, if you have sufficient protection and are looking for more, some life insurance plans with a savings or investment component can also be used as a tool to grow your retirement funds or become a part of your legacy planning. 

When should I get life insurance? 

When should I get life insurance?

Once you have established a need for life insurance, don’t dawdle! As cliché as it sounds, life is unpredictable and you don’t want to be caught in a bad situation when it’s too late. There is also no better time than now to purchase your life insurance if you want to unlock additional savings. 

For starters, it’s cheaper to get life insurance when you are younger because you tend to be healthier and are less likely to have pre-existing medical conditions. Plus, rates are set at the time of purchase and locked in throughout the duration of your policy. Should you decide to renew your policy when it ends, premiums will be based on prevailing rates at the point of renewal. 

Depending on your situation – for instance, if you have a young child as opposed to one that is due to enter the workforce soon – getting a policy with a longer-term could make more sense instead of renewing it every few years. 

So, health insurance or life insurance? 

At the heart of it, health insurance and life insurance are both important tools that protect you from financial strain due to illnesses and other medical emergencies. While life insurance may not seem as necessary when you are younger, you will need it eventually and if you can afford it, getting it earlier may help you save more in the long run. 

Information is accurate as of 12 November 2020.

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