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Valentine’s Day 2022: 8 affordable date ideas to try in Singapore

And before you know it, we’re already in February. Just as Chinese New Year passes, another holiday comes up: Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, doing a Galentine’s, or hanging solo, we all know how prices can peak. In this article, we share some ways you can celebrate while saving some cash and prove that you don’t have to break the bank in order to prove your love for each other.  

Instead of overpriced flowers: Buy a lush potted plant 

Sure, flowers are always nice and pretty, but how long do they actually last? If your partner is really into plants, think about getting them a potted plant instead. They last for years, and make for beautiful additions to your home! In the same vein, while cards are nice keepsakes, they tend to be extremely expensive as Valentine’s Day closes in. How about trying something different – like an ecard, or a hand-drawn card?  There are so many different ones to choose from, and ones you’ll be able to personalise from the comfort of your couch! Suggestions: Tumbleweeds Plants or Song Lang Gardens.  

Instead of a fancy restaurant meal: A home-cooked dinner (or breakfast in bed!)

DIY doesn’t just have to relate to presents. Why not try your hand making a meal together? Or baking your favourite snack together? Not only will you be able to save money on a meal out, but you’ll be able to spend quality time together as well. To put things in context, a restaurant meal could cost up to $98 pp for lunch and $188 for dinner. We’re pretty sure you’d be able to whip up a decadent meal with quality ingredients for less than half of that! If you don’t have a conducive kitchen space or skills, consider taking a cooking class together. Suggestions: ABC cooking studio for baking lessons 

Instead of a “traditional” Valentine’s Day experience: Do what brings you joy

So often, we relate “traditional” Valentine’s day to dinner at a fancy restaurant, a romantic movie.. but why? Rather than living up to societal expectations, do what will bring you and your partner the most joy – maybe visit the aquarium, try a pottery class, go for high tea instead of dinner,  watch a movie at home. You and your partner know each other best. Why go for an expensive three-course meal at a fine dining restaurant (nothing wrong if that floats your boat) when satay and popiah at the hawker centre is more your cup of tea? Suggestions: SEA aquarium, 3Arts  

Instead of celebrating on February 14th: Do a belated celebration 

As cliched as it sounds, you can (and should) show your love for each other every day. So many couples put pressure and try to outdo themselves on February 14th, only to return to forgo the same level of effort after. Here’s a tip: Celebrate a day or two before or after the actual day – restaurants won’t have hiked up prices and you’ll beat the crowd. In short, an overall more pleasant experience.  

Instead of going with the flow: Begin with a budget 

Sure, a budget doesn’t exactly sound romantic and can seem restrictive. At the same time, talking about finances is something that we recommend. It’s not always a fun conversation but can definitely lead to a new depth in the relationship. Read more about this here and here. By starting with a pre-planned budget together on what you want to be splurging on February 14th, you won’t have any slip-ups ruining the big day.   

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Instead of going for a massage: Plan an at-home spa day 

We are definitely of the view that kneading out those knots after a long week can be one of the best things. At the same time, getting a massage, even in one of those couples rooms, won’t allow you to speak to each other. er… and Plus, it will probably involve quite a splurge. Why not try giving each other a massage? You may not get the same ambience – but there’s nothing that some essential oils, candles, and zen music won’t do.  

Instead of heading to the cinema: Host a movie night 

Sure, a movie might ONLY be about $10 but add in the parking, popcorn, and pre-movie dinner downtown and that’s a whole lot more. While there are some great movies out in cinemas right now, you’re bound to find them on Netflix sooner or later. Why not revisit some old classics? Or the first movie you watched together as a couple? If you’re up to it, maybe invite another couple over!  

Instead of focusing on a “perfect” day: Focus on the ‘why’ 

Last but not least, remember the reason for the day: to celebrate love! Of course, it can be nice to go out for an expensive meal and drinks, but we’re sure some of your best memories have involved the simplest of things as well. Rather than stressing about the size of the bouquet or the grandeur of the restaurant, focus on the WHY and the WHO behind why the celebration. It’ll make for a less stressful yet memorable day.  

A new tool to level up your relationship 

Sure, date nights are great, but communication and aligning on your values as a couple is the essential building block to a healthy relationship. In fact, having those hard conversations about your life goals and money can bring you closer. 

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