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#DaretoDream: Today’s dream, tomorrow’s reality

What does the best version of your life and future look like? Is it stepping out of your comfort zone? Is it (finally) pursuing that passion project? 

As kids, we had an abundance of dreams and aspirations. Nothing seemed impossible. 

“I dream of opening my own restaurant someday…”
“I dream of being an astronaut…” 

Then, came the noise – the expectations, the nay-sayers, the societal “norms”.   

“You should be married and have kids by 30.”
“You should get a stable job in finance.”   

If you don’t conform, you are labelled a misfit, a failure, ‘weird’… but why? When was the last time you paused to think about what really matters to you? When was the last time you truly allowed yourself to dream?

Many of us grapple with nerves and anxiety when we think about the future. We get it – there is so much uncertainty: “Do I have enough saved up to retire early?” “Can I afford to have kids or upsize my home?”  

We believe that the future is exciting and ripe with possibilities. Life doesn’t stop at 30 or 40 – nor does it at 50 or 70. No matter your life phase, each season brings with it new goals to unlock; new dreams to realise; and new milestones to celebrate. More importantly, planning for your future doesn’t have to be hard, not when you have the right tools or knowledge, and a community to get you there.  


#FutureFit: Retiring the word ‘retire’ 

When you think of the ‘future’ or ‘retirement’, what mental picture comes to mind? According to Merriam Webster, it means “to withdraw from office, business, or active life”. In short, anything but inspiring.  

Few people we know want to stop working, let alone ‘withdraw’ completely. Yes, we might want to spend less time working, or pursue a different kind of work, but we all yearn to remain active in the activities that matter to us.  

This got us thinking: does the traditional idea of retirement need a reboot? Do we need a new word for retirement in our generation?  And should we finally retire the word ‘retire’? 

At Autumn, we want to inspire you to be #FutureFit. Living a genuinely meaningful life is not just about being financially fit, but being fit in all spheres. It’s about overall wellbeing. It’s about a life that is rich, bold, and purpose filled.

But how do we get from where we are to being #FutureFit? It’s this question that inspired our new #DaretoDream campaign. 




The Dare to Dream campaign aims to inspire individuals to boldly dream up a future they desire – one that’s free from the pressures of society or family, and one that they can truly call their own.  

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring 12 inspiring individuals who have courageously stepped out of their comfort zones. Just like you, they’ve overcome their fair share of life hurdles.  

We’ve asked them to share their highs and lows, the life lessons they’ve learned along the way, and their tips on how you too can embrace your lives fiercely and meaningfully in order to be #FutureFit. 

We’re beyond excited to share their stories, dreams and journeys so far. Expect a new story every week on our blog and social media. 

If their stories inspire you, we want to invite you dream with us. Commit to your 2022 goals by filling up our pledge card..

Today’s dream, tomorrow’s reality

Planning for future need not be a scary affair, especially when you have the right tools and knowledge to get you there. Find out how Autumn can help you unlock your life goals and realise your best future.

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