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Autumn Conversations: “Be The Author Of Your Life” by Yasmine Khater

Published by Autumn on June 30, 2021

  1. What is at the heart of your motivation?

As a kid with mixed heritage, I would hear comments of all the reasons why I was weird. As a result, I was so shy, bullied, and felt so misunderstood. I did not speak up and hated the idea of someone seeing me. Until one day in University, Sami who was part of the student union asked me to introduce myself. Instead, I kept stuttering, looked down, so embarrassed.

He let me off the hook, and the remaining session, I felt so uncomfortable. He came up to me and said “People are more afraid of speaking than dying”. A few weeks later, I was in a near-death accident and then a few months later my dad had his diagnosis of 4th stage cancer. Within less than a year he passed away.

When he got his prognosis, I asked him what else he wanted to do before he died. He said, “I’ve done it all.” That statement inspired me so much that I’ve made that the key question I wanted to live by. This has helped me author a story of my life wilder than my wildest dreams. 

Today, I enable leaders to author a life that is wilder than their wildest dreams. Part of that goes from being unheard, misunderstood to stepping into their authority. So that they can grow their impact, income, and influence.


  1. What is your definition of success?

I used to have a lot of narratives of all the reasons why I couldn’t do something. How I was not smart enough, or not lucky enough, or not good enough.

When I first started this work. The one story that I kept hearing was how people would only do things once they had money. So I decided to research if money is the problem.

I joined a financial think tank and decided to organize a global competition, centred on one question “What are the new ways of financing”.

We had 930 participants from over 45 countries. All submitting their inspiring ways of How money is Not an Object. What was more inspiring was the final event brought the top 10 finalists to Madrid. The event had leaders from alternative banks, crowdfunding, and Islamic finance.

I shared my experience in a TEDx talk “What would you do if money is not an object?” Because what I found is that there are two worlds to live in. The one with possibilities and the one where we no longer exist.

For me, success is operating and living in pure possibility. Manifesting things that seemed out of reach. Challenging myself to grow and achieve even bigger goals.

  1. How do you envision your own future?

Last year, Covid forced me to go to a crossroads. We were enabling some of the best Sales Teams in Asia to influence and sell, but the business was completely offline.

In Feb 2020, when Covid hit, it was hard. Everyone was panicking and so was I. I had to decide, should I commit to this and go full out, or do I quit?

I looked back at my father’s advice and knew there was only one path for me. I wanted to help more leaders feel comfortable selling and growing their authority.

Because what the world needs is people who operate with pure possibility. People who are able to make a stand for themselves and for what they believe in.

I envision tens of thousands of leaders going through our signature program. The Unforgettable Authority, which has helped create more opportunities. It’s allowed my students to show up and serve with the best tools in their toolkit.

I will continue to create more products that help educate more people. Whether it’s games like Bye-Bye Virus or the 30 Day Fear-Less Challenge.

But whatever it is, I want to feel like my father did in his last months that I have done it all. I have the support of an incredible tribe and team that also operates from the world of possibility.

  1. What actions are you taking for your future?

  1. One of the things that have helped me is to stop letting fear hold me back. It’s also about learning to take control of my finances and using money to help enable me. That’s why I love apps like autumn because it helps me be clear of what I have and need. I also keep on learning because the world is so different.
  2. Embrace technology – in 15 months, I now have a completely different business, so I’ve had to learn about new ways of doing things. Upgrading our technology stack and how we operate still fascinates me.
  3. Expand your network and worldview. I join all sorts of events, networks, programs all because I want to explore what else is possible and expand on these opportunities. But no matter what action you decide to take in your future. It’s all about small steps daily that have incredible compounding returns.
  4. What investment tips do you follow? Every year, I invest in two programs to help me learn. The two most impactful ones were actually learning how to dive. When you find yourself in the deep blue, with nothing else around you, it made me realise how insignificant I was, and if I choose to make things about myself. My life would be small. Instead, if you choose to be of service your life will have a huge ripple effect.The second life-changing transformation program was the Landmark Forum. It taught me about integrity and honoring your word. At the time, I was honoring my word for others but never for myself. That taught what it means to take full responsibility.


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