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Home » Blog » Autumn Conversations: “What Success Means to Me” by Divian Nair

Autumn Conversations: “What Success Means to Me” by Divian Nair

Published by Autumn on June 17, 2021

Why Did You Decide On Your Choice of Career?

I was always interested in creating content. I first discovered this from a hand me down Lego set my parents got me when I was 5. I would always build things that were elements to a larger story I would want to tell them about. I have always enjoyed the idea of bringing something into existence that can benefit the world in some way shape or form. After exploring and experiment with art and music in my teenage years, I found that storytelling was the niche I was most capable of using. The mediums and methods have varied over the years but campaign planning, video production and radio are the current disciplines that balance my need for telling a good story while generating enough to build a livelihood.

How Do You Envision Your Future?

I think in 10 years time, my company would have charted a path that would make it one of the more prevalent messaging agencies in Singapore. I would have a bigger family. I definitely see kids in my future. I would also dedicate a larger portion of my time to improve my society in some way shape or form. I’m not sure if I will still be on air everyday, but radio will always be a part of my life in some capacity.

What Are You Doing To Get There?

I think the most important steps I’m currently taking now are the ones that let me balance the way I spend my time. I learned many lessons about how charging into the fray without strategy can ultimately lead to a waste of resources and time. I take the effort to observe the way other people make their decisions. Good or bad, there are always lessons to be gleaned from the experiences of others. Being mindful and present are definitely the two mindsets I constantly work to improve upon and I am sure that this is how I will attain the future I am striving for.

What does Success Mean To You?

Success is clear and simple for me. To attain the freedom to not just have peace of mind for myself, but for all the people I care about. If my family, friends and I never have to worry about hospital bills for our loved ones, I consider that a successful state of life.

Have You Ever Failed? If Yes, How Did You Pick Up Your Failure And Motivate Yourself To Move Forward Again?

For every morsel of success I have ever achieved I must have had a hundred times the amount of failure. I think the way I see it is, I only need to fail one less time than the other guy to get the prize. That keeps me going. It makes me not want to give up on a goal.

What Is The One Best Investment That Has Helped You?

I think my best investment has been spending time with the people I care about. I have long realised that I am the sum of the people closest to me. Understanding I represent the love and care they have given me makes me stronger in the face of adversity. My second best investment has been in music. It’s my form of meditation and it keeps me centred in a topsy turvy world.

Would You Have Changed Anything If Given The Chance To Rewind Time?

I would have put all my savings into Bitcoin hahaha. Of course there are a million things that I could’ve done better but I appreciate the lessons from all the mistakes I have made. Regardless of how costly they have been.

Looking back at your younger self, is there any advice you would have given him?

I would have told him to invest in Bitcoin!!!


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