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9 Quick Ways to Save Money in 2021

8 Quick Ways To Save Money in 2021” by CardsPal, 12 March 2021, www.cardspal.com

Growing your savings need not be a numbers game, as anyone can achieve it with just proper planning and discipline. Instead of putting it off until you reach certain milestones like getting a new job or salary increment, make saving a daily priority to help secure a better financial future. Accumulate your savings through these easy-to-follow money-management tips you can implement in your daily life:

Money-saving tip 1: Choose quality over quantity

This might sound counter-intuitive, given that most quality products are more expensive. However, quality products require less repairing and replacing, saving you more in the long run. Evaluate how much use you are getting out of an item to determine a prudent amount to spend on it.

For example, items such as running shoes, sturdy furniture and a trusty laptop are worthwhile investments despite their higher initial expense because they can endure heavy usage.

For those getting a new home, you would be familiar with interior designers advising you to allocate more budget to renovating high traffic zones such as the kitchen and bathroom. Likewise, sometimes spending more on frequently used items is wiser than constantly finding low-quality replacements.

Money-saving tip 2: Set up saving challenges with friends

Feeling unmotivated to save? Inject an element of fun to it; set up a saving challenge with friends! Comparing savings bring out that competitive streak that boosts your willpower to save, and also gives you added motivation to break the newest record.

Moreover, embarking on a shared challenge strengthens relationships and keeps one accountable in their saving journey.

Have you heard of the $5 challenge? It was created by Singaporeans Against Poverty, a campaign that aims to raise awareness of poverty in Singapore. The organisation discovered that a household with an monthly wage of $1.5k would be left with just $50 a month after taking into account financial responsibilities such as loans, schooling and utility bills.

Embark on a $5 challenge to raise awareness about poverty in Singapore and save money at the same time. You’d be supporting a meaningful cause and your bank account.

Money-saving tip 3:  Exchange your pre-loved items for cash

One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Spring cleaning your home and uncovered many items that you no longer need or want? Put them up for sale on online marketplaces like Gumtree and Carousell. Not only does it give your items a 2nd lease of life and save the environment, but also helps you recoup a portion of your expense.

Money-saving tip 4: Hold off on your purchases

A professor at Harvard reveals that 95% of our purchases are driven by the subconscious. This is in line with studies about how emotions overshadow good sense during shopping sprees. To curb impulse buys, put the item in cart and sit on the decision for a few days. The cool-off period will allow you to evaluate if the item is indeed a need or want.

Also, surround yourself with savings-savvy friends who want to help you reach your money goal. We all know of friends who egg us to “just buy it”. Seek your 2nd opinion from good company who want the best for you (and your bank account).

Money-saving tip 5: Realise when you are using shopping/spending as an emotional crutch

This brings us to the question, why do we purchase? Is it for that momentary thrill of receiving presents delivered to our doorstep? The exhilaration of swiping our credit card? Or does retail therapy act as a pick-me-up on a bad day?

Spending to boost our mood can do more damage to our wallets than we imagine. This is not to say we shouldn’t treat ourselves and exchange hard-earned money for well-deserved treats, but rather to identify the motivation behind why we shop and call ourselves out when we are using it as a quick fix to numb negative emotions.

Ideally, find free ways of destressing and perking yourself up such as going for a jog; it releases endorphins (mood-boosting chemicals produced by the body) and keeps you fit!

Money-saving tip 6: Embrace minimalism

Wanna reboot your life? Try Marie Kondo-ing your home for a fresh start. Adopting a less is more attitude means you’d spend less and save more. An orderly environment leads to a clearer headspace. By limiting the “need” for things, one can better prioritize their spendings and gain greater clarity in planning financial goals and budgets.

Money-saving tip 7: Compare your credit cards for each purchase

Everyone knows that every credit card has its unique perks. However, not everyone is willing to commit the time and effort to memorise those features, despite knowing that using the right credit card for each purchase can earn more rewards and cashback.

cardspal_cashback calculator

Utilise tools like CardsPal’s Cashback Calculator to help you compare credit cards, so you don’t have to. Easily compare your credit cards to know which gives you with the highest cashback and rewards for each purchase. CardsPal’s Cashback Calculator does all the comparison in seconds with a click of a button.

Money-saving tip 8: Always keep your fingertips on the latest deals

Seize deals for every activity, from 1-for-1 dining to online shopping, entertainment and more. Add cards to the app (without including your card details), and see the deals you can get with your cards! CardsPal has got deals not only for credit cards, but for debit cards and membership cards as well (i.e PAssion card, SAFRA card, etc). These exclusive merchant deals are perks offer only to CardsPal users that can’t be found anywhere else!

In addition, you can also enable location and see deals wherever you go. Now you’ll never miss another deal.

Enabling of location personalises your deal-hunting experience. 

Turn on the “deals for me” switch to see the deals for cards you own.

Love a deal but not using it today? Easily save it for next time. 

Money-saving tip 9: Understand Your Finances Thoroughly

Whether it’s buying a car or deciding where to go for your next honeymoon in the future, big financial decisions like these can often impact your wallet for months or years. Loans and debt can also eat into your cash reserves so you actually end up keeping less than you earn.

Keep track of all your finances through an easy-to-use tool such as Autumn, where you can integrate your information across your savings, loans, CPF, insurance, investments and more. As an independent and bank agnostic platform, Autumn also delivers personalised and data driven insights to motivate you to take positive steps to achieving your best future.

Download the Autumn app on App Store or Google Play Store now.

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