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What it means to Live Life to The Fullest

Here are some helpful tips to boost your emotional health and mental wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page! This means you care about good mental wellbeing, which is the foundation for a flourishing, satisfying, and happy life.

Positive Mental Wellbeing is a Set of Life Skills

Positive mental wellbeing is a set of life skills that help us meet life’s challenges, make positive connections with others, and live life fully. It also allows us to feel good and function well, even in difficult situations.

Without positive mental wellbeing or good emotional health, people may live unhappy lives, not knowing how to use their own strengths and the resources around them to live life optimally.

Of course, everyone finds themselves in difficult situations that may sometimes feel overwhelming. But having good mental wellbeing means that a person would not only have the ability to flourish when life is going well but also be able to find the appropriate resources to cope when times are tough.

The MWB Scale measures five dimensions of mental wellbeing: Resilience, Self-Esteem, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Cognitive Efficacy. These five dimensions not only enhance the quality of your daily life but also help you to face challenges that will come your way.

1.    Resilience is the buffer that protects you when confronted with adversity.​

Read more on Resilience

Develop your Resilience (515KB)

2.    Self-Esteem is your self-confidence and courage to meet life’s challenges.

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Develop your Self-esteem (989KB)

3.    Emotional Intelligence is your ability to make sense of emotions, in yourself and others. 

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Develop your Emotional Intelligence (514KB)

4.    Social Intelligence helps us develop and maintain strong relationships and effectively navigate the world of people around us.

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Develop your Social Intelligence (993KB)

5.    Cognitive Efficacy is your ability to think things through and always make good decisions.

Cognitive Efficacy​

Develop your Cognitive Efficacy (988KB)​​

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