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Guide On Getting An Anonymous HIV Test

Anonymous HIV Testing” by Health Promotion Board, 26 Nov 2020, www.healthhub.sg

Getting tested for HIV is the crucial first step to find out your HIV status so that you can receive treatment early and protect your loved ones from being infected.

​One of the reasons people do not get tested for HIV is the fear of stigma and discrimination.

Your personal particulars are not required when signing up for an anonymous HIV test. If you suspect you might be at risk of contracting HIV, do get tested for HIV. Educational information, counselling and advice on treatment are provided.

What is anonymous HIV testing?

Anonymous HIV testing does not require you to provide any names, NRIC numbers or contact numbers. Instead, a number is usually assigned to the test which allows the person being tested to receive the test results. No personal particulars are recorded, even with positive results of the HIV tests.

You will be required to fill in an anonymous questionnaire so that you can provide more details about yourself but all details will be kept strictly confidential.

Why do we need anonymous HIV testing?

Anonymous HIV testing encourages more individuals who might suspect that they are at risk to go for early HIV testing. Anonymous HIV testing offers a level of privacy and confidentiality that encourages more people to find out about their HIV status.

Early HIV testing helps to control the spread of HIV as people living with HIV/AIDS can take appropriate measures to protect their partners from being infected. It also allows them to seek early treatment and care.

How is anonymous HIV testing done?

Rapid HIV test kits are used in anonymous HIV testing. The results of rapid HIV tests can be available within 20 minutes of doing the test. The results of a conventional (Western blot) HIV blood test can take up to two weeks.

Rapid testing reduces the anxiety associated with the long waiting period for an HIV test result. It also allows the result to be informed to the patient in person on the same day, eliminating the need to collect any form of personal particulars or contact information.

Where can I go for anonymous HIV testing?

Anonymous HIV testing is offered at the following ten clinics:

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